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Ju Jitsu. Shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti. Martial “Curriculum” …

Who’s Shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti? Mr. Bertoletti starts the “martial” training when he was 12 years old with the Graeco-Roman wrestling and the fencing (foil).He starts practicing karate Shokukai, that will develop in Sankudo and Sankukai with Master Jean Michael Baroche, one of the first black belt students of Master Yoshinao Nanbu in 1690. He practices judo and kendo, but above all ju jitsu of Japanese origin Yoshin Ryu.He also practices Shotokan in the school of Master Hiroshi Shiraei (yudanshakai) and Masaru MiuraIn 1976, with the foundation and leadership of the WJJF (World Ju Jitsu Federation) with Soke Robert Clark, he stars his long trips in Japan and he joins the school Hontai of Saburo Masanori Minaki, 17th Patriarch, thanks to the presentation of Sô Shihan Eiji Ogasahara, where he remains until Soke Minaki’s death (1986).He receives the 7th dan Kyoshi in 1984 by the same Master Sabuno Minaki, with whom also Soke Fumon Tanaka (Nippon Koden Kobudo) trained as in secrecy.In 1997 he gets the 8th dan by Soke/Sosai Kunio Tatsuno of the Sheshinkai of Osaka.In 2004 President Paul Hoglund (President of JJIF, International Ju Jitsu Federation) issues him the 9th dan.

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