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Dall´India… la remotissima e forzutissima arte marziale: ´Cheibi gad-ga´!

From India … the very remote and forzutissima martial art: “Cheibi gad-ga”!


“Cheibi gad-ga” .art martial ancient Manipur. India. Based on the use of shield and sword – a diameter of about a metro- and also spear, used with refined techniques and evasive. Today they are used (for the few who practice it) long sticks from seventy to seventy-six cm, wrapped in wrappers pelle.Attualmente battles take place within a circle of seven meters in diameter, divided by two lines of a meter. The victory, in this very old martial discipline, depends on the individual but, above all, by the power of the muscles of the latter. Simply put, by brute force. One of the few martial disciplines where the strength is all!

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