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Clubbing in UK


Clubbing in London, as in many other cities all over the world, is very popular.
It has always been an Anglosaxon peculiarity meeting friends or making friends in a pub or in a club, more than at home, as it happened in the past century in Italy.
Different jobs for different clubs, sometimes.
Everybody seems to be proud of belonging to his or her club according to the job you are doing or you have done in UK, especially in the smallest towns more than in big cities.
So clubbing in England means also to find the needed place to dine, to celebrate an anniversary in different ways, with a typical cuisine, as if you were abroad, having various themed entertainment.
An exemple is Tropicana Beach Club in London, just to name one among the thousands.
You can dine from Fridays to Saturdays and according to the number of people you have a set menu if there are groups of 6 and a deposit per person is required.
For groups of 20 or more you can share a menu included vegan menu.
There are also drinks areas poolside tables, beach hutsandbeach shacks.

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The more exclusive clubs are private and a presentation is needed.
You have to be a member of the club and so you have the privilege as priority reservations, to book partiesand free access to special events, talks and masterclasses.
In other clubs non members arealso welcome to bookatable, according to availability.

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